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HAJJAJ a dit :

C'est clair que c'est sur joué. Il pourrais tourner des films français, le pauvre ! ^^

4 oct. 2009

Un visiteur (Ремонт холодиль) a dit :

He bought this car on the spur of the moment, now he regrets it.

Finally, we asked him to lay his cards on the table and tell us about his plans.

28 avril 2017

Un visiteur (Ремонт Холодиль) a dit :

Fresh air and exercise will do you good. That's amazing!

12 mai 2017

Un visiteur (Mossi N lLycle) a dit :

Why does she keep all those things she never uses? — She is a pack rat.

17 juin 2017

Un visiteur (Mossi N lLycle) a dit :

In other words, you refused to do it for her.

18 juin 2017

Un visiteur (Took F lLycle) a dit :

I can’t get over how rude he was to me. She got over her illness quite quickly.

16 juil. 2017

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